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I enjoy reading about, researching, and discussing military aircraft design, deployment, and evolution. There are many sites out there but not one common portal to research from or have a discussion forum that I could find to discuss aircraft design and evolution. My goal is that this become both a community portal and forum for those of us how enjoy learning and discussing military jet aircraft.

Please let us know your thoughts or comments about this site.

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About the Pictures:
Unless noted, the pictures and opinions are my own. The older pictures on this site were shot with one of the original Canon EOS cameras (750) with either a Canon 28-70mm or a 70-210mm lens. The last 8 years has been with a Canon ElanII - Sigma 28-200mm lens. I just went to digital with a Canon Rebel XT using a Sigma 17-35mm, Canon 28-200mm, or Canon 100-400mm lens, with a monopod for indoor and high angle nose shots.